Cherry Almond Date Treats

Another round of playing with date treats. This batch was inspired by my need to use up some sour cherries that we had in the freezer. I started the night before by defrosting the cherries and spreading them out on the dehydrator trays. The next afternoon I had 3.3 oz of nearly-dried sour cherries, so that’s what I used.

Cherry Almond Date Treats

  • 7 oz almond meal
  • 3.3 oz unsweetened, dried sour cherries
  • 1 oz coconut butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 5oz pitted dates

Combined the almond meal, dried cherries, coconut butter and vanilla extract in a food processor. Pulse until the cherries are well chopped. Warm the dates in a microwave for 30 seconds or so. Add to the almond mixture a few at a time and pulse to chop. Empty into a bowl and mix/knead by hand to make an even paste. Scoop out level tablespoons and roll into balls. Place in the fridge to firm up.

I’m not sure how well this would work with dried sweet cherries. Might want to cut back a few dates so it’s not too sweet. I used the coconut butter to help add a creamy taste with the vanilla. You could probably use unsweetened flake coconut in its place if you don’t have it. Or cashews / cashew butter if you don’t like coconut.

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