Wyoming 2011 Albums ready [news]

08/05/11 | Comments: 0 |

Wyoming+2011+SlidesI've finished sifting and correcting my photos from our July 2-9, 2011 trip to Wyoming. Ended up with 190 photos out of 2000+ that were taken. Sounds about right. Click the image link to go directly to the video slideshow - 14 minutes long. Or, you can go directly to the top of the photo album, if you prefer. (...)

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Disney Jan 2011 - Kellie's 40th Birthday [news]

05/28/11 | Comments: 0 |

KellieMy gallery from our Disney World trip on Jan 22-28, 2011 is now online. At the end of the main album, there is also a link to a video slide show that I put together for the entire album. Disney Jan 2011 - Video Slide Show (...)

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Christmas Night Snowstorm [news]

12/26/10 | Comments: 0 |

Phineas+in+the+Snow+-+Dec+26,+2010The night after Christmas 2010 we had a total of seven inches of snow fall at our house in Raleigh. I took my Zx3 out to watch Phineas deal with snow that was as tall as his shoulders. He was really insistent about playing snowball-fetch with me, too. Here's the video set to appropriate music titled First Snow. (...)

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Added Safari Video [news]

11/09/10 | Comments: 0 |

Dis1010-Safari-272pFinished editing the safari ride video from the Animal Kingdom. The raw video is 26 minutes long and mostly boring shots of the foliage going by my side of the jeep. I wrote a script to let me fast forward through the slow parts at 16x, and then play the parts with animals at regular speed. The result is a little choppy, but I think it works. It's just shy of 7 minutes long now. (...)

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Disney Oct 2010 Posted [news]

11/08/10 | Comments: 0 |

Disney+Oct+2010+-+Video+Slide+ShowMy gallery from our Disney World trip on Oct 16-24, 2010 is now online. At the end of the main album, there is also a link to a video slide show that I put together for the entire album. Disney Oct 2010 - Video Slide Show (...)

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BLT Pool Video [news]

11/03/10 | Comments: 0 |

BLT+Pool+Oct+2010Uploaded the first of my videos from our October 16-24, 2010 Disney trip. This is clips from an afternoon in the pool at Bay Lake Tower. The video was shot with my Kodak Playsport Zx3 which I am happy to report is indeed waterproof. The video editing was done with a new-to-me, open source, linux program called openshot. It's a little light on features, but never crashed, not even once, even on my old, underpowered pentium4 machine. (...)

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Piedmont Parks 2010 [news]

10/10/10 | Comments: 0 |

Lower+CascadesI went driving and hiking to find waterfalls in the northern Piedmont area of North Carolina on Saturday, Oct 9, 2010. I found 6 waterfalls, plus quite a few other interesting places. The pictures can be found in the gallery by clicking the image to the right. (...)

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Noah's Landing [news]

10/09/10 | Comments: 0 |

p100522-191906Photos from our visit to Noah's Landing, a private local zoo, are now available in the gallery. Click the monkey.